This is a point in your life where you decided that you wanted to be a makeup artist, and now you’re wondering what’s the next step. What are you supposed to do on your vocational journey in order to become the awesome makeup artist you want to be? How to get a permanent makeup certification in order to be a licensed professional? These questions can be answered easily when you do your proper research. We’ll make it easier for you by providing you the information you need in this guide. In order for you to become a certified makeup artist, you will need to go to a school that provides courses in which you can obtain your certification, through in-person classes or courses online.

Do Research

Do some simple research on Google by typing in “Online Makeup Courses” or “Makeup Courses in my area” – at these places, you’ll be trained by professional makeup artists to learn techniques that are vital to you honing your craft as a certified makeup specialist. There are online courses that you can take to be a professional makeup artist, where they provide you with one-on-one guidance, giving you specialized makeup artistry education in an online setting, in which you can complete your classes in the comfort of your home, on your own schedule. Then, you have the option of going to a makeup artistry campus, in which they’ll teach you the same techniques that you will learn online, but with a more hands-on approach.

Get Started

Whichever option you choose depends on your life circumstances. If you are able to go visit a makeup artistry school for your permanent makeup certification, there are benefits to that aspect, which include being able to handle makeup tools in person and see the techniques they’re teaching you up close and personal. One example of a well known school is the New PMU Academy If you choose to do online courses, that is a hands-off approach in which you will have to be very self-disciplined in order to complete the courses in a timely fashion, without distractions around you in your work area. Make your choice wisely, and good luck on your makeup artistry journey!

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