Legal Steps to Take After an Arrest in Temecula

A person’s arrest record can impact their life in a number of ways. It can affect their employment and housing opportunities. It may also prevent them from obtaining professional licenses and scholarships or from qualifying for loans.

When a defendant is arrested in California, they must appear in court for their first hearing. At this hearing, the magistrate will set bail.

If arrested in Temecula, CA, remain silent and request a lawyer. Post bail with the help of a professional bail bondsman like Golden Boy Bail Bonds for quick release. Follow legal procedures and court etiquette.

Arrest Warrants

Typically, police will obtain an arrest warrant to apprehend individuals suspected of crime. Generally, the judge or magistrate must demonstrate probable cause to issue an arrest warrant. This is based on the totality of the circumstances standard that was established by a U.S. Supreme Court case.

Depending on the severity of the charge, an individual arrested on an active warrant may face serious consequences. In these situations, it is important to hire a skilled criminal attorney. A qualified professional can work to get the warrant withdrawn, so you can avoid legal trouble and possible jail time.

If you have an arrest warrant, you can contact the Temecula Police Department or Riverside County Sheriff’s department. The agencies may offer an online request system or have a records division that can provide information about recent arrests.

Various public access websites also have information about arrest warrants, though it is important to verify the accuracy …